Help us name the new East Greeley Natural Area

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We want your input! Natural Areas & Trails is taking suggestions to name the new East Greeley natural area. The new name will be selected in early 2022 and the person who submits the final name for the property will win a prize.

Before you submit all of your creative ideas, please see a few guidelines to follow below:

  • Name suggestions should be in one or more of these categories:
    • A natural landmark, feature or habitat type in the area (example: Platte River Prairie)
    • The name of native wildlife or plant species that lives in the area now, or used to live in the area (example: Red-tailed Hawk Haven)
    • The name of a culturally relevant and/or historical event, structure or artifact that occurred or was found on the property or in the area (example: Arrowhead Acres)
    • The name of a person or family name linked to the history of the property or the area, that has local significance, is a significant historic landowner, and/or is the homesteading family of the property (example: Brauher Acres). Any name of a person, family, or organization shouldn’t be controversial.
  • Please avoid:
    • Names of non-native or invasive wildlife or plant species
    • Name of a current or recent City employee or elected official
    • Similar names to existing facilities, roads, trails or property
    • Any names of the neighborhood or developer of a nearby property

Please submit your suggestions by December 3, 2022. Please provide your contact information so we can let you know if you won.

The City of Greeley will not use or share your personal information, without your informed consent.