Crossing Approval Packet

For All Water Sewer Crossings

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Step 1 of 6 – General Information

  • General Information

    1. Water & Sewer Pipeline Crossing Permit issued by the City of Greeley Public Works Department ONLY allows the crossing of a Water & Sewer pipeline. Water & Sewer pipelines include water, sewer, non-potable, and service pipelines.
    2. If a proposed installation project will cross a City right-of-way or a City-owned easement unrelated to Water & Sewer pipelines, a separate permit must be obtained from the City of Greeley Public Works Department for that crossing. The owner of the installation or contractor (referred to jointly in these instructions as “Applicant”) is responsible for determining the permits and/or approvals that must be obtained from the City.
    3. The City CANNOT issue permits and/or approvals for the crossing of private property or that of another public agency. Applicant is responsible for determining which permits and/or approvals must be obtained from a private property owner or a public agency.
    4. If a proposed installation project is an oil and gas pipeline, a design for special review by Engineering Development Review (EDR) must be submitted to the City of Greeley Community Development Department a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the anticipated start of construction.
    5. If a proposed project damages a Water & Sewer pipeline, even if a Water & Sewer Pipeline Crossing Permit has been issued, the owner of the installation is liable for the damage. Should a Water & Sewer pipeline be damaged, the Water & Sewer Department will repair the damage and invoice the Owner of the installation for the cost of the repair (typically, that amount is approximately $7,000). Therefore, it is required that existing Water & Sewer pipelines be potholed prior to construction, following the procedures outlined below.
    6. Parking lots, sidewalks, streets, alleys, and other paved services may be constructed in City of Greeley right-of-way easements upon approval of the City of Greeley. It is understood and agreed between the parties hereto that in the event it become necessary to repair, maintain, or install pipelines the city shall NOT replace any street, alley, parking area, turf or utility lines and the city shall NOT be liable for damages to the property.
    7. If you are utilizing boring, after the procedure is complete, submit your boring log to the City of Greeley. It shall show from one easement edge to the other and include the location of the easement and the existing water line.

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